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Welcome to the Mt. Washington Valley Volleyball Club!

The Mount Washington Valley Volleyball Club, originally called the Killian Mountaineers, was formed in 2015 by Diana Germain, the Kennett High School Volleyball Head Coach, as a Junior Olympic Club under USA Volleyball, competing in the New England Regional Volleyball Association (NERVA).

With the support of countless families, athletes, and volunteer coaches who believe in the mission of developing volleyball in the Valley and surrounding region, the program has continued to grow.  This coming season will be the program's sixth year in the valley.

The Director, Board, Coaches, and volunteers are looking forward to another exciting, although a little different, year of competitive Volleyball across New England. 

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Athletes, Parents, & Board:


Please note MWVVC start practicing this coming weekend at North Conway Community Center – Friday 5:30-7:30 pm and Sunday 8:00 – 10:00 am. I wanted to send out a note to explains two things about this season. The first is the process of registering with USA Volleyball and then the club. The second is the COVID-19 safety measures we will be taking to start and throughout the season.


Registering with USA Volleyball/Club

This link has the necessary links and a three minute video that can be watched to further explain the process: Parents & Athletes Registration | New England Region Volleyball Association (

If your child/athlete already has a sports engine account (it is free), it should be used to sign up for USA Volleyball. If not, then one will need to be created which the video will explain how to do. Once the child has a USA Volleyball registration, the club will send an invite to join the club and all will be set after that.

For Friday, it is important to have registered with USA Volleyball. The club part can wait until after that. It is not as pressing. If you have questions, please feel free to call me at 603-730-2412 or email me.

If the player can bring proof of USA membership either electronically or printed Friday night, it would be appreciated.


COVID-19 SAFETY MEASURES (subject to change if more measures are added by the state of New Hampshire &/or NERVA)


First, it is important that any child who is feeling ill or has a fever, whether covid related or not, stay home and not attend practice. This is the first line of safety for all involved including the coaches who would have higher risk of complications than the athletes simply due to age.


The process will be similar to the high school.

Check in

  • temperature check
  • hand sanitizing
  • questions
    • any current symptoms?
    • has the child been out of the state in the past 14 days?
    • has the child been in contact with anyone known or suspected to have Covid-19?
    • have they been tested for Covid-19

Any athlete who has a fever or answers yes to any of the questions will be not be allowed to practice and will be isolated until a parent can pick up the athlete. We ask that each family check their child’s temperature and know the answers to these questions before coming to practice as an added safety measure and to prevent the unnecessary travel to the gym.

Once in the gym, each child will keep their belongings six feet away from each other. The athletes will be not be allowed to share any equipment other than volleyballs which will be wiped down with a bleach wipe during each break. Each athlete should have their own water bottles. We will also attempt to maintain a six foot distance during drills as much as possible.

We will attempt to utilize other areas of the Community Center as little as possible. Specifically, the water fountain and bathrooms. Please come ready to practice other than changing sneakers and taking off sweatpants or jackets and the sort. This will limit our footprint in the Center and the amount of extra cleaning for the Center’s staff after we depart.

Finally, an attendance sheet for each practice will be kept with the child’s temperature being proof that they were present at the practice for contact tracing purposes if that is needed.

Thank you for your understanding. MWVVC looks forward to having the girls continue their learning and improvement in the game of volleyball with a little bit of normalcy, albeit with some restrictions, in this otherwise strange time.

We will collect fees for the club in two installments at the end of December and in February. This information can also be found on our website –

Again, if you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 603-730-2412 or send me an email.

2020 - 2021 Season Information

MWVVC is a NH nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting the sport of volleyball in the Mt. Washington Valley. The club is entering its sixth year and keeps getting better and better! We are very excited to offer volleyball opportunities to young women in the Mt. Washington Valley and surrounding areas. 

THIS YEAR WILL BE DIFFERENT. This year’s club is going to be run more like a winter long clinic due to covid-19. Coach Drosa, with help from others, will work with the athletes to improve fundamentals and game skills through drills, practices, and scrimmages. Please check this website for more information on covid-19 issues.

The club will begin sessions on December 4, 2020 at 5:30 pm. at the North Conway Community Center, North Conway, NH. Practices will be Sundays from 8:00 am – 10:00 am. and Fridays at 5:30 – 7:30 at the community center.

Our club director is Craig Bartolomei. You can email Craig at with questions or for more information. Our website, will also have information, forms, and more.


Due to the current situation related to Covid-19, the Board of Directors has decided that the club will not play in tournaments during this season. We will practice on Fridays and Sundays but not play in any tournaments. We may try to schedule scrimmages with other local clubs if possible. Which day each athlete practices, or both, depends on how many players register due to limits allowed in the gym. Please contact the club director if one of these times does not work for you.


The practice policy will be similar to the SAU9 / high school volleyball system and will also be listed on the club’s website in November. But we will ask, especially this season, that if the athlete is not feeling well before a practice that the athlete stay home. We want to be overly cautious and safe this winter as the flu and cold season approaches combined with potential Covid-19 related issues.Please read the following information carefully:

To be eligible to try out, practice and play, ALL participants are required to register online with USA Volleyball. There is a $60 annual fee made online by parents directly with USA Volleyball. This registration fee is required for ALL participants and is non refundable.

THIS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE YOU CAN PRACTICE OR PLAY!  Parents can register their children here:

The club will send invitations to all athletes who are interested. This is different from past procedure. You can accept that invitation and then join our club. After registering, print two (2) copies of your medical form as well as your Membership confirmation and bring them to the first practice.

CLUB FEES (USA Volleyball fee is listed above):

  • $200.00 – for one child
  • $175.00 – for each additional child from one family.

The club fees can be paid by credit card through the website, which will be set up in November, or by cash or check in equal payments made in December & February. No child will be able to practice if they are not current in payments.

All the Directors hope that all the girls have fun learning the game of volleyball and becoming better players through the coaches who are there.


The club will have a refund policy posted on its website in November if the situation arises that the club loses access to the North Conway Community Center’s gym due to Covid-19.



  • JOCELYN JUDGE               
  • AKSEL DROSA       
  • ANGELA ACONE               


Again, anyone interested can contact Craig Bartolomei at or by phone at 603-730-2412 with any questions they have.

2020-2021 Covid-19 Refund Policy

Due to Covid-19 and the Coronavirus, the club is unable to utilize the High School Gym this season. We will have all of our practices at the North Conway Community Center (NCCC) on Fridays at 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm and Sundays from 8:00 am to 10:00 am.

It is possible that the club may have to pause or stop the practices due to Covid-19 related issues including but limited to the following:

  • the NCCC decides that we can no longer utilize their gym due to Covid-19 related reasons;
  • the club determines it is no longer safe or too risky to meet and practice; or
  • the state of New Hampshire determines and then issues an order requiring us to pause or stop. Etc

If this happens, the club will refund a portion of the MWV volleyball club fee as outlined below. The USA Volleyball fee may be refundable but that is not within the club’s power.

The current plan for refunds is as follows. The club will keep 4% for each of the first 8 practices and 2.5% for each practice thereafter.

  • Example. If we have two practices the club with keep 8% of the entire season total ($200.00). If we have 10 practices, the club will keep 37% (4% times 8 plus 2.5% x 2).

If we get to 35 practices, the club will keep 100% of the fees.

The club is setting up two payments so that if we do not get into February the second payment will be cancelled and returns made from the first payments.

The larger initial percentages is because we have initial upfront costs due to USA Volleyball that need to be covered. If we are unable to get many practices in, it is Craig’s hope to have some summer clinics next summer either inside or outside somewhere (probably also at the North Conway Community Center but that is for another day.


For more information please contact Craig Bartolomei at or by phone at 603-730-2412 with any questions they have.

MWV does well in first NERVA tournaments of the year

The U14 squad finished third winning 6 of 8 sets, losing to the eventual tournament winner in the semi final set 25-21 in a game that was tied at 20.

The U16 girls finished in 6th place in a 12 team tournament winning 4 of 6 sets in pool play before losing a very tight game, 25-23 in the first playoff game. The girls then lost to Maine Northeast in the 5-6 game. 

The U17 Blizzard finished 4th in Worcester winning 5 of 6 sets in pool play before losing in the semi final set and in the 3-4 consolation set. 

 MWV girls as a whole won 15 of 24 sets on the day. 

2020 Medical Release Form

Click this link and search for 2020 Medical Release for the form. You can also find it at our documents page.

U18s Grab the Gold!

The U18 squad won the gold medal in their third tournament of the season beating Maine Northeast Blue 27-25 in Kennebunk, Maine.

The team finished pool play at 4-2 beating Maine Northeast White in all three sets: 25-21, 26-24, and 25-11. They lost two of three sets against Maine Northeast Blue in pool play 25-20 and 25-23, beating the Blue squad 25-11 in the other set.

MWVVC faced Capital Region Volleyball Club, the first place finisher in the other pool, in the semi-finals, winning a cliffhanger 25-22 setting up a rematch with the Maine Northeast Blue team. MWVVC beat Blue in another tight set 27-25 to win their first gold medal of the season.


U16s finish 4th

The U16s finished 4th after going 3 - 3 in their pool and then winning a tiebreaker 15 - 13 to finish second in the pool. They won three sets 27-25, 25-20, and 25-19, while losing two very close sets 25-21 and 28-26. They also lost a set 25-14. 

The group played hard in the playoffs but lost two sets, finishing fourth.

U14s finish in 5th

After losing their first set of the day 25-12, the U14 girls competed hard in each of the remaining sets finishing 1 - 5 in pool play.

They won one set 25-18, losing the others 25-20, 25-21, 25-20, 25-21 and the abovementioned 25-12.

In the first playoff game, the girls fought back from an early deficit but lost 25-17. They won the second match 25-14 to finish 5th.

U18s capture Silver

The U18 squad won Silver in Walpole, MA. The girls went 6 - 0 in pool play and earned a bye into the semi finals where they won the semi final 25-6. They lost the finals match in a tight 25-19 game.

Congratulations to all the girls and their coach Aksel for playing well and finishing second.

U14s First Tournament

The girls in the U14 squad played in their first tournament ever. They played hard finishing 6th. They were multiple close sets including the 5th/6th place game where the girls fought hard but lost the close match, 25-22. 

In their first tournament/ live game play they had some very nice plays. The Coach's notes, show some good serving as well as some receive/set/spike plays. Coach Craig is quite proud of the entire team, their play, and the parents' support.


Happy Thanksgiving from the MWV Volleyball Club!

First Tryout Practice

The Board, Coaches, and Executives thought the first night went great! All the girls who were present from the U18s to the u13 and u10 worked hard and gave 100% to the individual sessions the coaches  had lined up and in the scrimmages and individual drills on the Court.

We look forward to a great second tryout next Sunday and a great season with this group of hard working and energetic athletes.

Thank you Ladies!

First Information Meeting

The Mt. Washington Valley Volleyball Club had its first informational meeting last night after the Kennett High School v. Kingswood High School volleyball match.

Parents and potential athletes and returning players spoke with coaches and the new Director, Melanie Sleime, to learn about the opportunities the club will provide to volleyball players from both High Schools and the Valley and the surrounding areas.

The Board of Directors and coaches met after the meeting and considered the evening a success. The Club hopes to have more informational meetings at Kennett home games and possibly a Kingswood home game.

Players who are interested in learning more about the club can contact the club by email at Players can also utilize the website for more information.

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